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What are the advantages of PDR over a body shop?

There are times when a body shop is in fact the best option to take. We work with many body shops that realize the value of PDR. These shops usually offer a high quality product, however these are some of the benefits to consider over a body shop.

  • Conventional repair involves the risk of paint overspray on other panels, sand scratch swelling or shrinking, small pin holes in the body filler, possibility of future corrosion/rust, dirt spots in the clear coat and color mismatch.

  • Conventional repairs rarely takes over a day to complete compared to a minimum of two to three days at a bodyshop. When using paintless dent repair you can save the headache of renting a car while waiting on the body shop.

  • When using paintless dent repair, full resale value is restored to the vehicle without risk of a potential buyer noticing a paint line or mismatched color. A painted panel can be a red flag and cause doubt on the amount of damage the vehicle acutally sustained. Potential buyers may wonder if the car was in a major accident.

  • No Carfax report of damage when repaired using PDR.

Does every PDR Technician produce the same result?

Not every PDR Technician is created equally when it comes dedication and amount of aquired skill. Currently there are no performance standards or license requirements prohibiting a person to begin repairs on a customers vehicle. Making a decision on which PDR technician to use based on the cheapest price can be a costly mistake. At Minneapolis Paintless Dent Repair we believe a PDR technician should have an extensive background in the automotive industry. Many times a sub-par technician will drill a hole on the side of a panel instead of removing a tail light or trim to gain the quickest access to a dent. This is a sign laziness or lack of experience and can further devalue the vehicle.

Will my paint be damaged from PDR?

No. Modern factory automotive finishes are very flexible and will not be damaged during a proper PDR process. PDR is the only way to repair a dent and still keep your factory paint.

Will my dents be 100% gone?

PDR for most minor dents and creases can be removed completely. The two main factors are the depth and the location of the damage. Damage that is very deep causes the metal to be stretched and can not be fixed using PDR. In some cases, PDR may not repair all damage but is often still used over a conventional body shop repair because it still adds more value than using plastic body fillers and paint. In rare circumstances when the repair would not completely remove the damage, our technicians will tell you during the estimate process and give you an estimation of the amount of damage that would still be visible.

Can a dent come back?

No, once a dent has been properly repaired with PDR, it will never come back.

When should I use conventional repair over PDR?

If the damage on a vehicle has too many or too large of dents, conventional repair will be recommended. When a vehicle has been conventionally repaired in the past, there may be too much filler on the vehicle to use PDR. Poor paint finishes or peeling paint on a vehicle would be better repaired with conventional repair.

Often conventional and PDR repairs are performed together to complete a full vehicle repair. Conventional repair is used on the heavy damaged areas and PDR is used on the lighter damaged areas.

What if my insurance company recommends I go to one of their “Direct Repair” Shops?

Insurance companies establish agreements with many repairs shops; often referred to as DRP’s or Direct Repair Providers. When a repair shop is a DRP for an insurance company, this often means the shop agrees to charging a lower price for repairs in exchange for the likelihood of more business being sent to their shop from the insurance company. Steering customers to shops financially benefitting the insurance company (DRPs charging less for repairs) is illegal but unfortunately still very common. By law, you have the right to repair your vehicle at any shop you choose and do not have to take it into another shop for a ‘second opinion’. If the insurance company questions the amount charged for your repair, they will send an adjuster to the shop you chose. Minneapolis Paintless Dent Repair has many years of experience working with insurance adjusters to make sure you get the type of repair best for your vehicle. 

It is up to you to decide where you want your vehicle repaired. A cheaper repair is not usually a high quality repair and often times DRP’s cut corners to recover the cost of the cheaper repair. If you do not know where to get a quality repair, ask around, read reviews and use resources such as: